Va Project

“The Very First Moment”
Sepideh Behrouzian
Electric Room 38/50 (A Dastan:Outside Project)
June 29 – July 4, 2021
In Collaboration with Va Space (Isfahan, Iran)

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Dastan in collaboration with Va Space and Residency is pleased to announce “The Very First Moment”, a presentation by Sepideh Behrouzian at Electric Room. The installation which is comprised of three parts will be open to public view from June 29 to July 4, 2018.
Sepideh Behrouzian defines the installation as a “macro/microcosmic installation which includes three works gathered to became part of a landscape investigating the relation between culture and nature by asking questions about authenticity, history and visibility.”
She explains: “This site-specific installation tries to respond to Electric Room’s space to dismantle the usual understanding of how you move through the space, how you locate yourself through the space and how you understand time in relation to space. This work is about modeling the space not only in relation to scale and time but also to things that are impossible to model, like modeling the very first moment, the very instant feeling of humility or arrogance or a model for aura of life.”
By referring to the work of physicist Lawrence M. Krauss (‘a universe arises from a deeper nothing”), Sepideh Behrouzian continues: “this productive conception of emptiness beside astronomy draws my attention to the intervals between objects, invisibility and various banal forms —although everywhere, they are nestled in the hollows of the slightest forms. We now live in a city with broad borders and time excelling the space. Time is existence; juxtaposing elements with floating and uncertain time references search for a process leading to dismantling linear time/space perception. So the installation functions like a passage, inviting the viewer to traverse their primordial thoughts and to evaluate time and space —that is the ability to question how value is implanted on the place, how we locate and dislocate ourselves in time and space depending on presence or absence, the relative understanding of scale and social constructions as well as language.”
The artist concludes: “The Very First Moment, with the volatility of time and space, is questioning whether technology, namely television, separates us directly from the events of real space and real time and if there exists any real time and space. An analogue CRT television set allows us to tune into the Big Bang. In fact, one percent of the ‘snow’ between channels is noise caused by signals emitted from Big Bang. Although everywhere, the Big Bang emission is only visible though old TVs.”
Sepideh Behrouzian (b. 1985, Isfahan, Iran) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Isfahan. Her works investigate the dichotomy of nature and un-nature by asking questions about authenticity, history and visibility. Landscape fragments have been a continuous theme in her works, usually combined with drawings and installations. Sepideh Behrouzian is a graduate of Tehran Art University where she obtained both her graduate and master’s degrees.

All Images below Courtesy of Dastan’s Basement and Electric Room. Photos by Matin Jameie. Copyright 2018 Dastan’s Basement & Electric Room.