Va Project

“Synaptic Cleft”
Block (Hoseyn Hoseyni, Iman Izadinia, Davood Dorra)
Electric Room 43/50 (A Dastan:Outside Project)
August 3 – 8, 2018
In Collaboration with Va Space (Isfahan, Iran)

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* One neurons junction with another is termed a synapse. The neurons communicate through their membrane.
** Most synapses are axon-to-dendrite or axon-to-cell-body; but in some areas of the brain and the spinal cord axon-to-axon or dendrite-to-dendrite synapses have been detected. Nevertheless, the general working of synapses is quite similar in most instances. The ending part of the axons is branched and each of their ends (telodendria) is relatively swollen. This area creates a synapse when near the membrane of the next neuron. The first synapse is termed pre-synaptic and the second post-synaptic. In the central nervous system, each neuron can be pre-synaptic or post-synaptic relative to other neurons.

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