Va Artist-in-Residence

Sanne De Wolf


Va Artist-in-Residence
July 2017

Va Lecture
Open Studio and Talk with Sanne De Wolf
Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 18:00 at Aknoon Gallery (Isfahan, Iran)

This project would not be possible without the help of Amir Hossein Haghighi, Haghighi Carpet Workshop, Nasim Akhavan, Ashkan Zahraie and Zahra Moeiin.

This project was in cooperation with Pejman Foundation (Tehran, Iran)


Human Landscape

During her stay at Va Residency, Sanne De Wolf worked on her project “Human Landscape”. The title “Human Landscapes” refers to the first days of observing the epidermis of the Iranian landscape. By borderlines within communication De Wolf articulates a first impression of dialogues into the Iranian society. During the second half of De Wolfs’ stay in Iran, she will set up a (performative) installation with video recordings based on her collaboration in Isfahan. De Wolf uses textiles, ceramic objects, hair and in-situ material.

 Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved. All Photos Taken by Maryam Mohammadi. Courtesy of Va Space.


Sanne De Wolf is a Belgian artist who studied visual arts, archeology and ethnography. She incorporates (ethno) – historical patterns and actions on the intersection between art and society and so capturing contemporary developments in our social context today. She translates these actions into contemporary interventions and visual artworks. Her research into fabric, with its different connotations, pushes the artist to expose connections down to the intangible layers and creates ritual performances and installations intertwined with memories and intercultural references. She makes connections between present, past and brings together different timelines. De Wolf sees it as a priority to engage in collaborations with the local contexts. Context refers to both landscape elements (read borderlines, gaps, connections, open spaces, borders, layers), and local residents, artists, etc. Some of her recent exhibitions were at M HKA Museum (Antwerp) and Open Air Museum (Antwerp).