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“Repetition” Exhibition
Artists: Roozbeh Maleki, Zahra Moein, Sina Momtaheni
Emrooz Gallery, Isfahan
May 18 – June 3, 2018
A Project by Va Space (Isfahan, Iran)

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Emrooz Gallery, in collaboration with Va Independent Art Space and Residency Program announces “Repetition”, an exhibition of works by Roozbeh Maleki, Zahra Moein, and Sina Momtaheni. The exhibition will open on May 18 and continue through June 3, 2018.

“Repetition” is the result of a series of Va Space artist-in-residence programs during which Roozbeh Maleki, Zahra Moein, and Sina Momtaheni stayed in Isfahan. The project was conceived and developed during these stays and the subsequent periods of work. “Repetition”, defined within the context of the city of Isfahan, discusses how tools and mechanisms for seeing change the way we see. The artists’ work has resulted in the current exhibition which includes installations, photography and video pieces. One the gallery spaces features the process of study used by the artists. Additionally, Va’s online blog will host texts that have been written or gathered during the project’s process.

Briefly touching on the subject matter, the artists write: “Due to the technical nature of ‘images’, the history of photography is tied to tools and machines. The images presented in this exhibition are the result of an alternating exploration into the history of photography. Their coming together in this form is an invitation for rethinking the ‘technical image’ and systems of representation in the context of Isfahan.”

On the third day of this exhibition, a panel discussion featuring art critic and translator Majd Akhgar and writer Ali-Nejat Gholami would take place at the gallery. The discussion will focus on two philosophical readings of the effects of image-making machines and technology, based on art history. Near the end of the exhibition, in a second discussion panel, the three artists will talk about their experience of working together on “Repetition”. This exhibition would not be possible without the support of Emrooz Gallery, Ms. Maryam Hosseini, Nima Pirasteh, Hoseyn Hoseyni, and Ashkan Zahraei.

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