Va Project

March 23-26, 2017
An Exhibition by Va Space, Isfahan, Iran
Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden

Artists: Mona Aghababaei, Hawreh Danesh

The body’s health depends on the function of its immunity system. The function of the immunity system is to detect and resist the entering of alien elements. Thus, the immunity system continuously differentiates between the insiders and the outsiders. When an organ transplantation is needed, the immunity system itself becomes an unwanted element and so medications are required to resist it. Today’s world is like an incongruous body made up of incompatible parts, trying to resist their links by war, politics and the market. The general solution for suppressing this immunity system is getting help from the other organs within that same body to compensate for a type of disability or absence of an organ!
*Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs.

Supermarket Art Fair: