Va Project

Exhibition of Works by Patricia Fernandez
May 17- 31, 2016
Aknoon Gallery, Isfahan, Iran

Artist Statement
My work uses personal narrative, memory, omission, and abstraction to transmit histories and build connections between people and places. By applying an archeological approach to the family archive, my work reveals the inaccuracy of our inherited memories and the subjectivity of personal experience. Painting, drawing, carving and object making are the tools that I use to recuperate an unknown history. By creating installations, the sculptures and paintings in my work become layered fragments of an experience, the ephemera of a subject’s identity formation, the conflation of time and place. The collected pieces act as a continuation and a product of the transmission of ideals and histories. Like the copier of the copier of the copier, ad infinitum, I reconstruct a new form, with the purpose to investigate the memories that are misremembered. Each element on its own, and also as a part of a larger ongoing collection, builds the narrative that serves as a recuperation of history.*
* Text Courtesy of the Artist

Exhibition Poster, Patricia Fernandez, Aknoon GalleryExhibition Poster