Va Artist-in-Residence

Asieh Dehghani

Visual Artist, Researcher
Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

April 2015


Asieh Dehghani is a researcher and Visual Artist recently finished her master degree at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.  As an Iranian Visual Artist, the question of identity and its relation to community has always been important issue in her works. Asieh Dehghani’s works address the manner in which human’s understanding of oneself is constituted already by the character of Being-in-the-world Being-with others. In her latest project, Anahita the Eros of Community, she investigates the ways geopolitics, religion and culture of her country, has constantly been shaping Iranian identity. Shortage of water as the material and spiritual foundation of the Iranian community has always brought together people in dry lands like Iran and the reason why people cooperated and lived in communities. “Anahita the Eros of Community” is a video series, composed footages from ZAYANDERUD River a drying river in the central plateau of Iran and SIOSEPOL bridge over it as a meeting point of water and community.