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Palas  پَلاس

21 – 24 April 2016

An Exhibition By Va Space, Isfahan, Iran


At Supermarket Art fair, Stockholm, Sweden

Presented  by New Media Society,Tehran, Iran

Including Artists:

Mona Aghababaei

Hawreh Danesh

Nicholoz Elerdashvili

Ali Khataie Ilkhchi

Samira Hashemi


Palas” is an exhibition about Va’s experience of wandering around the city of Isfahan this past year. The title “Palas” is a Persian word which describes a special type of textile made of cheap and sturdy materials and is used by nomads to cover the ground in times of camping.”Palas” characterizes Va as an alternative art space that extends along the surface of the city, while it tends to be physically spaceless and systematically patternless. In this sense Va works with a continuous deterritoralization and reterritorialization of the urban landscape. Moreover, “Palas” explores Va failures in resisting to be part of the mainstream art scene and finding a common language with its local community.

Special thanks to Behzad Khosravi for his kind Support.



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