Va is an independent art project space and residency. It hosts artists, curators, writers and thinkers for their projects, talks, and presentations using resources, spaces and venues available to it. Va also participates in projects, sometimes collaborating with others and other times defining and initiating its own projects. Va Programs include the following:

Va Residency Programs

Va Residency Program hosts national and international artists, critics, writers and thinkers to engage with the local community in a creative and artistic atmosphere. Each year, through Va Residency Programs, national and international artists, curators and researchers hold residencies in Isfahan. Read More>>

Va Lectures

Va has invited artists, curators, writers, thinkers and scholars for lectures, talks, reading sessions, discussion sessions, presentations, in person or via Skype; Va [Skype] Lectures. Va presents reading lists, selected texts and other resources relevant to the concept of the session to the audience beforehand. All material is available in English and Farsi (translated by Va).

Va Projects

Va and the Va team define or engage in independent curatorial projects as part of Va’s mission as a connecting block. Va Projects are done as joint programs, collaborations, or partnerships with local venues or spaces in other cities, both in Iran and outside Iran.

DateParticipant/ProgramProgram TypeDetails
2015/02 (February)Jennifer LockeVa [Skype] LectureMir Street Basement (Isfahan)
2015/03 (March)Zeinab Shahidi MarnaniVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2015/04 (April)Asieh DehghaniVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2015/05 (May)Sine ErgünVa Writer-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2015/05 (May)Rachel de JoodeVa [Skype] LectureMir Street Basement (Isfahan)
2015/05 (May)“Va...BYOB” ExhibitionVa ProjectAknoon Gallery (Isfahan)
2015/06 (June)"Unfailing Memory" Exhibition and EventsVa ProjectKommunales Kino Freiburg e. V.; artline Kunstmagazin; Kunstverein Freiburg e.V.; Theater im Marienbad (Freiburg)
2015/06 (June)Marko StamenkovicVa LectureMani Studio (Isfahan); “Worthless Community” Talk; In Partnership with New Media Society (Tehran)
2015/07 (July)Mia FeuerVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2015/08 (August)Shahram KhosraviVa LectureMani Studio (Isfahan)
2015/09 (September)"Vanishing Points"Va ProjectScreening Program Curated by Golden Pixel Cooperative (Vienna); Apadana Gallery (Isfahan)
2015/10 (October)Nathalie Koger & Marlies PoeschlVa [Skype] LectureSkype Talk with Curators; Mani Studio (Isfahan)
2015/10 (October)Francisco PinheiroVa [Skype] LectureMani Studio (Isfahan)
2016/01 (January)Hanna HeilmannVa LectureMir Street Basement (Isfahan)
2016/01 (January)Patricia FernandezVa [Skype] LectureAknoon Gallery (Isfahan)
2016/02 (February)Ali MirzayiVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2016/03 (March)Monika GrabuschniggVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2016/04 (April)"Palas" ExhibitionVa ProjectSupermarket Art Fair (Stockholm); Presented by New Media Society (Tehran)
2016/05 (May)Exhibition of Works by Patricia FernandezVa ProjectAknoon Gallery (Isfahan)
2016/10 (October)Mahmoud BakhshiVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2016/10 (October)Shahrzad ChangalvaeeVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2016/11 (November)Isabel CraveiroVa Writer-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2017/01 (January)Jonatan Habib EngqvistVa Curator-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2017/02 (February)Eamonn HarnettVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2017/03 (March)“Lupus” ExhibitionVa ProjectSupermarket Art Fair (Stockholm)
2017/03 (March)Nicoletta TorcelliVa Curator-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2017/04 (April)Laura Põld and Johna HansenVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)
2017/07 (July)Sanne De WolfVa Artist-in-ResidenceRoodaki House (Isfahan)