Va… Zeinab Shahidi Marnani

Artist Residence

5 – 19 Mach 2015 , Shahidi was artist residence at Va. During her stay, she has collected different kinds of memory about the origin of her last name, in Esfahan, and its relationship with historical movements. Her effort is not necessarily to discover the reality.

Artist talk

In March 06 ( اسفند  ۱۵-  جمعه ) at 10:00 am Iran Time Shahidi presented her recent works, and talked about her project at Va residency.

va zeinab shahidi 1

va zeinab shahidi 2


About the Artist:

her interest in examining the notion of dialogue in sculptural pieces coincided with her departure from Iran in 2009 to take her master’s degree in fine arts at the Sculpture program at Yale University. As this interest shifted to the desire to facilitate dialogue concerning the subject of time, she developed the ongoing project “Soliloquy” concerning the notion of dialogue in the context of the art world. In 2010 by the first series of the project, she contributed to the artist book seeing studies for dOCUMENTA (13). “Soliloquy I” was a written interview, in which the temporal continuity of the conversation was broken in hopes of getting closer to each pronouncement. In 2011 her first documentary video proposal “Soliloquy II” was awarded the Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship at Yale school of art. The fellowship funded her proposal to travel to New York and Tehran, interviewing Iranian artists in both cities and trying to create a dialogue between them. Later in 2013 during the Akrai Residency she worked on “Soliloquy III” a new series of documentary videos, which aimed to establish a dialogue between different moments in time of an artist with him or herself during his or her process of making art. Presently her main concern is to explore alternative methods of creating dialogue through the medium of text and video.

Some of the places she has shown her work, include: The Print Shop, MoMA, PS1 in New York, Thomas Erben Gallery in New York, Devi Art Foundation in India, Iranian Artists’ Forum in Tehran, design transfer gallery (UDK) in Berlin, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts in Iran, (HKW) House of culture in Berlin, PØST in Los Angeles.

Va Zeinab shahidi